With results you can see, fitness + nutrition makes a great start!

**I'm not an expert, just a trainee!**


To get a basis of clean eating, you can check out my Gluten-Free blog Gluten-Free & Clean Eating.  There's a lot of information on clean eating and gluten-free foods and meals.  This is where you will find our favorite recipes!

My recipes are typically low-sodium, low-fat, and clean.   And, after a lot of trial and error, my family and I have found out what's good, bad and really un-tasty in our search for the good stuff.  But, overall, my best advice is ALWAYS read labels.

I'm loving the new Fooducate app on my Android phone.  You can get it in the Play store, but also here!  I usually buy healthy foods, but I've learned a few more even healthier options with Fooducate.

Check out my tasty recipes!

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I generally like recipes I find at Women's Health Magazine too!

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