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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Food Scarcity: How Does It Effect You?

Continuing to eat clean and healthy may become more and more expensive.  Americans have had it really good for a long time.  The thought of not having affordable food is the farthest from our minds.  With the lack of Russian production last year and the drought in the southern US states last year and the expanding drought in the US this year, food isn't within reach for people worldwide.  Food is a basic necessity and we have to have it to survive.  Are you prepared?

The following countries have been greatly effected by raising food prices; Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Gaza, Syria, West Bank, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain,  Djibouti.  Now, if you're not familiar with where theses countries are, they're in the Middle East.  Yes, I mean those countries that have the oil.  That just goes to show, you can't trade oil (not a necessity) for food (a necessity).

I paid over $5 a bundle for asparagus.  Wheat, sugar, pork and beef are at all time highs.  Inflation is working it's magic and people are pushing extras out and food supply is tight.

Go Foods have a 25 year shelf life if you're wanting to stock up on foods.  Start growing the foods you can; lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes; whatever you can fit in the space you have.  Mel's Guide To Square Foot Gardening can get you started maximizing your space to grow your own veggies in what little space you have.  I utilize window boxes inside in the winter to grow greens.  Pinterest has good ideas on gardening too!  If you don't have a deep freeze, get one.  Buy sides of beef, buffalo and/or pork locally at your locker.  It dramatically cuts the price, supports local and it's fresh.

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