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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

5 Simple Ways To Make Time For Working Out

1. Schedule Your Workout
If it's in your day's plan, you're more likely to have time to fit in your workout.  If you don't plan on getting up at 5:30 to squeeze in a workout or you don't pencil it into your lunch hour, chances are, you won't find time for it.
2. Make Your Workout A Priority
If you think it is important, it is important.  It's that simple.
3. Forget What You Thought Was Important
The laundry, dishes and finishing that report that's due tomorrow aren't that pressing.  Your workout is more important than you may think.  It should become habit at some point in your day, if it's not already.  It will make you feel good, reduce stress and anxiety, and make you sleep better!
4. No Excuses
Whatever the excuse, it's just that....an excuse.
5. Just because the gym isn't nearby does not mean you can't workout.  A simple routine of 25 jumping jacks, 25 push-ups, 25 crunches, 25 squats can go a long way.  You don't need the gym!

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