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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Packing For Your Health

I'm doing a bit of traveling these days. (Check out my travel adventures on my blog about Farm Living.)  As I'm taking off for Memphis for a few days, I thought I'd share these tips with you!  Here's a start on my tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling:

Try Packing things like these:
  • Dental Floss - keep it handy, nobody wants to eat a sticky carmel roll in the airport after they just flossed!
  • Water! - Keep it on you at all times.  Dehydration hits at the worst times at 30,000 ft!
  • Gum, sugar free - 1. It's good for your ears while flying 2. It'll curb hunger waiting at your gate and in the air.
  • Shakeology - buy the individual packets and stick them in a shaker cup for a quick, healthy meal before a flight!  Just add milk, almond milk, soy milk or juice....surely you can find one in the airport!  AND, don't get duped by the free hotel breakfast, drink your shake...you planned it, right?  Or at least opt for oatmeal instead of pancakes.
  • Pack the laptop & stick a workout DVD in the CD slot! - It'll be a constant reminder of the workout you shouldn't ignore just because you're not at home!

 Try these tricks on the road:
  •  Grab an apple or banana in the airport or hotel.
  • Skip the alcohol and have water, you need it!
  • Speed walk in the airport and don't check your luggage, it'll help you pack lighter AND you'll get a better workout on the way to the gate!
  • Wear comfy shoes.  Simple.
  • Wear comfy pants.  Why wouldn't you?

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