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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What Are Your Goals?

I've been on my soapbox about goals before.  It's January.  Many people are in the midst of struggling with their New Year's Resolutions.  Why are your goals so unreachable?  Because you don't have an action plan?  So, say your goal is to lose 15 lbs....or if it's more or less, that's fine.  How are you going to do that?  Eating better?  Well, you don't just get to say "I'm going to eat better." and have it happen.  You have to define how you're going to eat better.  For instance, "I'm going to eat better by planning meals and snacks and incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my diet.".  Now, THAT is an action plan.  "I'm going to lose 15 pounds this year by incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my diet, planning meals and snacks, exercising daily when I get up and taking the stairs instead of the elevator."  Now, THAT is an action plan with a goal!  Get the difference?  Now, nobody but you can make those things happen, but if you at least have an idea of how you're going to reach your goal, you know what you have to do to get there.

Coming up, I'll talk about meeting resistance along the way and how to overcome the obstructions in your way; jumping the hurdles.

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