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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Burn Fat!

Non-stimulant thermogenics aid in fat loss like Syntrax Fyre (You can pick up 120 capsules at Amazon.com for $21.21).  They raise your metabolism and burn more calories and fat.

Burn Fat Faster!

Drink Green Tea
Add Strength Training/Weights
Eat Iron
Drink Water
Avoid Alcohol
Add High Intensity Interval Training
Eat Dairy
Eat Soy
Eat Fish
Add a New Activity
Incorporate PeanutButter
Eat Breakfast
Eat More Protein
Eat Snacks
Skip Carbs & Starches
Break Up Workouts into Smaller Sessions
Pace while on the Phone
Eat Bananas
Get Enough Sleep

Remember, it takes time to reduce overall body fat.  You can't target fat in spots, you have to take overall fat reduction until what you want gone is gone.  Every additional 3500 calories you burn above what you need to survive equals 1 lb of fat.

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