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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Getting Closer...

In my health and fitness goals, I'm getting closer all the time.  I've lost enough fat that my husband actually told me to buy new clothes.  So, I got online to order some clothes only to have no idea what size to order.  So, measurements are what I had to go off of.  In taking my measurements, I realized in the last month I've taken another 2 inches off my waist!  What a great feeling to work hard at fitness and nutrition for months and be able to see such a difference.

What am I doing to make this difference? 

Shakeology, for 120 days, I've been drinking it faithfully.  It's not a miracle shake that makes you lose weight....or is it?  In drinking it faithfully, it has cleansed my body, shrank my stomach, kept me from getting hungry, given me the energy I need to keep up with my boys (18 months and 3 years) and a puppy, curbed cravings, kicked a nasty cup-a-day coffee habit AND best of all, it tastes good!

Staying active.  Whether it's P90X before the kids get up, swimming laps through the lunch hour, H2O aerobics in the evening, chasing 2 kids and a puppy or just getting out and enjoying the nice weather, I have been more active in the last 120 days than I have in the last few years.  Even though my boys sleep through the night, I have a puppy that needs let out.  So, for those moms out there that think they can't do this because they don't have the energy, try the Shakeology.  It helps!

Eating right.  I'm working with the 80/20 rule.  Shakeology helps, I get one solid, great, nutritionally sound meal in that.  Snacks thoughout the day and fruits and veggies help curb snacking on the bad stuff.  And, WATER.  Lots and lots of water!

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