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Monday, July 2, 2012

Intense Cardio: Kangoos!

Kardashians use Kangoos for cardio.
Kangoos are low impact, rebound sport shoes originally developed in Switzerland for joggers and now designed for all ages and fitness levels. They're  safe on your joints and versatile for exercise. They're currently used for power walking, cross-country jogging & running, group fitness, athletic training, rehabilitation & injury prevention, dance and children's recreation.  The Shake Weight and 3 Minute Legs have turned fitness gadgets and inventions into fodder for SNL skits. It's a shame because Kangoo Jumps inspire fitness with intrigue and recreation. They help people with running ailments experience injury-free running that can strengthen shins, weak spines and bad knees and just look at that ankle support!

Kangoo Jumps reportedly burn 20% more calories than running. I'm sure if you consistently use them for exercise they'll aid in weight loss as well as toned thighs and calves. 20%?!  Yep, that's crazy.  20% more fat burn, 20% more weight loss, 20% more muscle use.  How can you beat that?

Fitness isn't just about lifting weights and intense cardio workouts, it's about engaging in physical activity that generates good vibes.  Laughing burns calories! We all need to take a day off from our posh gyms and celebrity workouts to try something bizarre and ridiculous. It's easy to get bored with our workout routines. You have to mix it up to keep yourself motivated. Add some laughter and humility to your fitness lifestyle and don't be afraid to embrace trends like Kangoo Jumps.

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