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Monday, May 14, 2012

5 Day Shakeology Challenge

What is Shakeology?  A meal replacement shake and so much more!   It has a whole bunch of super great nutrients to help you lose weight, increase energy, lower cravings and make you feel full longer.

Please check back, as I will be holding more challenges soon!

May 21-25 I will be holding a 5 Day Shakeology Challenge:
5 Days
5 Shakes
5 30 minute workouts

What's it cost?  $25 for greenberry and chocolate and $26.50 for tropical strawberry (it's vegan)
It's that simple.  5 shakes, 5 days to start to make a change toward healthy habits!

Only 1 can win a BeachBody gift certificate, but everyone wins through fitness and nutrition.  Get on track and get fit and check out Shakeology, pick a flavor (greenberry, chocolate or tropical strawberry), or a mix of all 3 and let me know.  I'll help you get on track.  I'll stick with you through the challenge and beyond to help you set and reach your fitness goals through fitness and nutrition.

Make sure to sign up for your FREE BeachBody Membership to log measurements, weight, workouts, get recipes and meal planners and connect with others who are doing the same.  AND, get entered in a drawing to win $500 or $1000 just for logging your workouts 8x a month.  My coach, Jessica, recently won $500!  Ask me for details!

You'll Start By Filling In Your Measurement Tracker

If you're interested in trying Shakeology, but don't want to do a challenge, I do have samples to try.

Leave a comment below, give me a shout of Facebook or Twitter or send me an e-mail at cassjo2@hotmail.com with Shakeology in the subject line (so it doesn't get lost in my junk mail) or hit me up on my phone at 309.333.8519 with a call or text.

Spots are limited, so don't delay.

30 Day Challenge to come....check back for details!


  1. i would like to do the 5 day challenge