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Friday, May 25, 2012

Muscle vs Fat

We've all gotten on the scale and it doesn't change.  You feel better, you thought you looked better and the endorphins are pumping like crazy.  Then you step on the scale with no change and you thing HOW?

This is how!  These both weigh a pound.  A pound of fat is jiggly like jello.  The muscle is denser and takes up less room than the fat.

Don't worry, you're also boosting your metabolism!  Body fat is completely related to calories.  Fat on the other hand is completely related to physiology or movement and use.  The more you use your muscles and push them to their limits, the stronger you'll get and the more muscle you'll build.

You look at 5 lbs of muscle vs 5 lbs of fat, the little bit of difference it looks like in the picture grows exponentially.  And, it keeps going as the pounds go up too!

The thing about fat, is you can't target where you lose it.  You just lose what you lose.  You can target which muscles you work, so you can gain definition where you want it.

A pound is a pound, they weight the same, but the volume of a pound of fat vs the volume of a pound of muscle is different.

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