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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hydration is VERY important.  I know, I talk about it a lot.  But, it allows your body to operate more efficiently when it gets enough H20.  There are other things too that make your body operate at peak efficiency, but water is the #1 thing you can put in and see better results!

Now, if you're like me, it's not easy.  I don't necessarily like to drink water when other more appealing options are lingering around my house.  There's just not much for flavor in water.  There are alternatives that, although aren't as good as water, will help you stay hydrated by not drinking as much of it.

1. Eat foods with high water contents. Thinking about grabbing a banana? Go for an orange. An orange contains much more water and will contribute to your hydration level. If you looking to hydrate yourself, avoid dried fruit. This means, for example, grapes instead of raisins.
2. Try no- or low-calorie water alternatives. Crystal Light. You can use the powder packets or buy it pre-mixed. You can also try Kool-Aid, but go for the sugar-free. This now comes in individually-sized packets as well.
3. Consider diet, caffeine-free clear sodas. If a few bubbles make things more appealing to you, go for Sierra Mist Free, Diet 7-Up, or Sprite Zero. Caffeinated beverages, even if calorie free or low calorie, are not as good for providing your body with hydration.
4. Consider carbonated water. There are many fruit-flavored, carbonated beverages at your supermarket. Basically, these are no different from diet, caffeine-free clear sodas. However, you may have more choices in flavors (white grape, wild cherry, raspberry, etc.). Some brands, in my opinion, carry a little bit of an annoying aftertaste, so try a few different kinds until you find one to your liking.
5. Add lemon, mint, cucumber, raspberries, limes....anything you can think of to spruce up your water with flavor that makes you WANT to drink it. 

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