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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Climb On and HOLD ON!

“So you’ve been awake for a few minutes now, thinking about what you ate yesterday. The stupid, stupid mistakes that you would love to go back and change. The calories that didn’t make you any happier. That extra digit that showed up on the scale.

So you’re going to do what? Sit on tumblr all day staring at the pictures of the girls that you wish you could be? Read the blogs of the girls who are succeeding? Try to not eat for a few hours and then give into your depression?

NO. You will achieve it. Screw that scale. Screw the people who told you that you weren’t worth it. Screw the food sitting in the pantry, the fridge, the stores, the restaurants.

Ladies, it’s Day 1 of no more binges. Day 1 of consistent pound loss. Day 1 of sore abs, legs, and butts. Count ahead a few days. Where are you?

Day 30 of the guys noticing you.
Day 47 of proving your family wrong.
Day 59 of your skinny friends not lying when they call you pretty.
Day 70 of not being embarrassed in dressing rooms.
Day 82 of everyone asking if you’ve lost weight.
Day 95 of shopping in the small sizes.
Day 110 of people picking you up to give you hugs without thinking you’re too heavy.
Day 123 of feeling the jealousy of other girls looking at you.
Day 132 of being somebody else’s thinspo.

You can’t get to those days without having a Day 1. And those dates may seem far away, but think about this: Day 2 includes being happy with your choices from the day before.”

And, if you fall off the wagon, get back on.  There's nobody pushing you off except you.  Stay strong!

***FYI, I don't write these posts for all of you all the time....sometimes I write them for me.  Sometimes I write them because I need motivation too!***


  1. Thanks...I totally needed that...haven't totally fallen off the wagon...but am not totally on it either. Needed that extra shove to get back on it and get going hardcore! ;-)

    ~Crystal Clark~

  2. Crystal, we all need a little motivation sometimes. It takes a lot of motivators for me. I surround myself with them these days; friends, family, people that just LOVE to workout and be fit. It really helps having someone just text me and say "did you do your workout today?" or "I loved your blog." It reminds me that other people struggle too and that it's okay to just do your best, even if your best today is only 50% of what it was yesterday.