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Saturday, September 8, 2012


Yep, I'm on my soapbox again in regards to goals.  Why?  Because unless you look at your goals daily, you can lose sight of what really is important to you.  I do, so I know others do to.  My weight loss goals were the farthest thing from reality for me this week.  I had a bad day, it turned into a bad week.  Instead of pushing play on my favorite workouts, I sat and sulked.  Let me tell you, I should have pushed play on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday.  However, I didn't.  That's right, you heard it from the horses mouth.  I did not work out this week.  And, how do I feel?  Lousy.

Had I looked at my goals when I was having a bad day on Monday, I may have pushed play, done my workout and overall had a better week. 

Time to start today off right and get on a better path...I'm pressing play!

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