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Monday, June 25, 2012

Back To Basics

 80% of weight loss is attributed to proper nutrition.  What is proper nutrition?  Part of it is made up of what you eat, the other part is how much.  What should I eat?  Well, humans were originally hunters and gatherers.  So, think about the diet our ancestors would have had.  No processed foods.  Stick to the outside isles of your supermarket, hit up the farmer's market and you'll be doing better already.  Then, skip the frozen stuff!   Portion size is the second piece to the puzzle.  Watch how much you eat at a time and eat snacks.  Take in the majority of your calories by lunch and take it easy on caloric intake at supper, eat light at night and not before bed!  Keep a food diary and be honest with yourself is my best in put on the subject!  The rest will fall in line if you use these easy steps.

Then, get moving.  Pick things up, move things around and don't stop and rest for too long.  Make sure you burn those calories you take in, then burn a few more.  Find an activity you love that keeps you active.  I like swimming and gardening, they're things that can keep me active for years to come!  I never get tired of going for a lunchtime swim to help me clear my head and I never get tired of seeing my garden grow year after year after the snow melts and colors start appearing.  I have a lot of other healthy activities that help too when I have the time; hunting, fishing, skiing, rock climbing.  You don't have to take on the world to stay active though.  You just have to find something you enjoy that requires movement and plenty of it!

You got it!  Drink that water. You're body is made up of mostly water, so fuel it with more!  Keep the nutrients there and the water to follow.  About a gallon a day is great, so drink, drink and drink!  Bottoms UP!

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