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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Shakeology Results: 90 Days

I've shoved through my fingers the great thing about shakeology for all of you to read.  After 90 days on Shakeology, I can attest to a few things.

1. I have more energy
2. By replacing one meal a day with one shake I tend to eat less at my other meals, feel full longer and eat healthier.
3. Lost weight, gained muscle

Mostly this is due in part by Shakeology.  The other part is my dedication to my health and fitness.  I stay more active than I did previously.  I eat about the same as I did, but my portion sizes are more in check.  So, can I recommend Shakeology as a weight loss tool?  Yes, but like anything, it's not a miracle drug for weight loss.  You have to make changes in your lifestyle to see the benefits.  If you're not dedicated enough to your health to make changes, live the same old live you always have.

Now, the muscle gain is NOT due to shakeology, obviously it's due to my workouts.  But, without the increased energy, I wouldn't be able to do those workouts! 

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