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Friday, June 1, 2012

The Business of Being In Business

As I was explaining this to a friend and amazing woman this morning, I thought, "What an amazing blog topic!"  Don't make the same mistake I let my friend make.  I'm taking accountability on this one.  Had I explained it to her this way to begin with, her ears probably would have been opened a little wider to begin with.

The first question I have to ask is Are you self-employed?  If your answer is "No." you need to keep reading.  If it's "Yes."  You already know the benefits of owning your own business.  Keep reading too because I don't have to poke you with a stick to get you to listen.

Being self employed has MANY tax benefits.  For instance, with your own business, you deduct your business expenses.  When you're a BeachBody Coach, you have to be a product of the product.  That makes your workouts, shakes, workout gear, tv to watch your workouts on, gas mileage to buy the stuff, cups to drink shakes from, workout shoes, utilities to run your business, office space, ect. tax deductible.  Am I making sense yet?  You don't get these kind of tax deductions when you work for someone else!

As a BeachBody Coach, you can take a monthly personal expense like Shakeology and make it a business expense that is tax deductible.  And, to successfully track your expenses, you have to keep track of them in your office space.  So, if you're doing P90X and Shakeology, it's in your best interests to sign up as a coach vs. using it as a customer.  1. you're getting it at a discounted rate and 2. you're able to deduct that amount as a business expense.

What is a BeachBody Coach?
Someone that is familiar with BeachBody products and can recommend products such as workouts to help you live a healthier life.  This person is a product of the BeachBody products!

If I become a BeachBody Coach, doesn't that mean I have to be a salesman?

No.  I started doing it for the discounts.  I didn't sell a thing.  I got on HD (home direct auto shipment) with Shakeology and got P90X for $180.  Retail on P90X is $119.95 and Shakeology is $119.95 at a total of $239.90, you save $59.90 from the get-go, plus free shipping.  I honestly don't know what they charge your for shipping on those if you just buy them retail, but you save that too!  Then, every month on the Shakeology, I get free shipping and pay $89.96, saving you $29.99 per month every following month you decide to stick with Shakeology as a meal replacement.  That's huge savings on your weight loss and don't forget the free shipping!  The rest just fell in my lap.  I was doing Shakeology  with P90X and people I know saw the great results I was getting with it.  They ask how I did it....people ask and I have the ability to steer them in the right direction to reach their goals. 

BeachBody didn't fit into my goals at first.  I came into BeachBody with a goal to lose weight, and a lot of it.  Jessica helped me  After having a broken leg from skiing and 2 kids in 22 months, I had a lot to take off.  Healthy had gone out the window somewhere and I got on the wrong path.  I signed up as a coach for a discount on weight loss.  What I got was a whole bunch of people to motivate me.  I got excited about weight loss and being healthy again.  It wasn't a drag and I'm still excited about it 2 months later!  Not only am I excited about weight loss, I'm excited about the business.  People started asking me about Shakeology, so I ordered a few boxes of samples, sold them at the recommended price of $5 each, tried to motivate them and gave them recipes to use in their shakes.  Some people liked it, some people didn't.  I found that those that didn't were people that weren't willing to make changes in their lives to reach the goals they have.  They were people that don't listen and know how to do it themselves.  The people that like Shakeology are motivated and excited about the prospect of weight loss and more importantly, making a change in their life to be healthier.  It feels great to help people who struggle to reach their weight loss goals reach them and help surround them with people that are motivating.

It happens quick.  I've taken over 6 inches off my waist in 2 months.  Now, those are results!  I have people that motivate me daily to stick with it.  I found the dedication to keep going.  I can honestly say BeachBody has not only amazing products, but amazing people too!

On top of everything, it's nice to be able to stay home with my kids while they're small.  I've been thinking about getting a job when my 3-year-old goes to school.  Now, I won't have to!  I have my own business that allows me time to work out, time to spend with my kids, time to get my house work done.

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  1. YOU CANNOT, BY FEDERAL LAW, DEDUCT PERSONALLY CONSUMED GOODS. This includes Shakeology for yourself. STOP spreading lies!