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Monday, June 25, 2012

Food and Activity Journaling

Tracking your food and activities is the best way to get a clear picture of calorie intake and calorie burn.   It also tells you all kinds of things, how much you eat, when you eat, what you're nutrition looks like, when cravings hit and how active you are.  It helps you self-monitor

This is a good start at tracking; this food diary is pretty basic and will give you a snapshot of what you're eating.

Great Food & Activity Diary

My Fitness Pal is a great website with an app for your smartphone to boot (works with android, iPhone, blackberry or windows).  It's free, you just have to sign up.  And, with over a million foods in their database, it makes it easy to use!

Take control of your fitness and nutrition and journal it!  It's the only way to know for sure.  So, do it, make it a habit and monitor yourself.  It will hold you accountable.  Nobody else will do it for you.  Only you can make changes based on your findings.  So, I highly recommend using some form of food journaling to get going on your fitness and nutrition goals.

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