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Friday, June 22, 2012

My Apologies

I admit it, I've been slacking on blogging~!  Not intentionally, life just happens sometimes and leave little time for the extras. 

I've been on my soapbox about goals so much lately that I forgot about what my own were.  I got busy losing my own focus.  This week was a new benchmark full of swimming and being generally active.  It's too easy to sit at a computer blogging about what you should be doing instead of actually doing it yourself.  So, I re-evaluated some things this week!  And, what I got was a lot of things done, a lot of laps swam, happy kids and a happy husband.  It's amazing how little changes can effect one's life so greatly.  So, when you think about the big changes you want to make in you, think about the little things you can do to help get there.

For starters, I made time for swimming laps during lunch.  My husband has time to watch the kids, he's home during lunch every day.  Why wasn't I in the pool?  Beats me!  I am now, except yesterday because I was so sunburned I could hardly move!  Lifetime Tip #1: Never Forget Your Sunscreen

There's an awesome group of ladies that join at the local pool Tuesday and Thursday evenings for water aerobics class.  Talk about an amazing way to workout.  Thirty minutes into it and I still didn't feel like it was a workout because it was relaxing and fun being in the water when it was hot out.  Being active doesn't have to be a drag.

What do you like to do?  What relaxes you?  How do you deal with daily stressors?  These are all opportunities to pick an activity that helps you meet your fitness goals.

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