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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

P90X: Round 2

After losing 8 inches off my waist and around 15 lbs, I call it a win.  Even though my workouts were hit and miss, my nutrition was good and I got good results.  I'm in the middle of a body transformation.  I can't quit now.  Nothing about it is easy.  Every day I face a new challenge or hurdle to overcome.  First it was my foot, then my back, then.....lets just say, I've been working out in the pool for a reason.  My body says, "Bring It!", so I'm going to with P90X.  Lets see what happens in Round 2, lets see how I can transform my body in the next 90 days.  I've been amazed so far.

I will strive for the next 90 days to put NO crap in my body.  I will strive for the next 90 days to keep working toward my goal weight.  It's time to take what I've got to the table, get more serious than I've ever been and get moving.

Join me in my journey!

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