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Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Goals

Yep, I'm on my soapbox again about goals!  But, today I'm not going to talk about how you need to have goals or how you need to read Push and focus on your goals.  Today's post about goals is about my goals for August. 

Here they are:
1. Get a quote for the garage/breezeway project and get it scheduled to be completed BEFORE winter!
2. Sign up a new coach this month.
3. Clean off the Countertops and keep them that way.
4. Harness train Lola (our 10 week old saint bermastiff puppy.)
5. Start Dalton pottytraining
6.Take off 5 lbs and a couple of inches
7. Get a Materials list made for finishing the basement
8. Get a plan for behind the bar and price mosaic tile
9. Meal Planning for August & September
10. Finish the Chicken Coop car siding and nesting boxes

Now, this list is to start August.  As I cross one off the list, I add another.  But, I NEVER have more than 10 large goals on my short term goal list.  I have other things to do, but it's more of a to-do list than goals.  This is a HUGE to-do list, but I've been slacking off in the heat and I have a lot to get done before the snow flies.  And, I need to focus on business, fitness and the huge to-do list that goes even further than the goals....here's a start:

1. Get Brexton signed up for private swimming lessons
2. Clean fridge
3. Clean out cabinets
4. Find a plan for benches for the kitchen table
5. Wash Bedding
6. Make PlayDough
7. Trim Lola's claws
8. Get with N&J about wedding
9. Schedule pictures for the boys
10. Christmas: start a list!
11. Pay Bills
12. Balance Sheet for the Bank
13. Price Gym Equipment
14. Eldo Webinars
15. Order Royce Jeans
16. Get outfit for N's wedding
17. Invites for A's Baby Shower
18. Clean Chicken Coop
19. Price Rock faced siding for front entry
20. Pick up cladding for deck
21. Find a nice outdoor dining set and extra chairs/benches
22. Price and Purchase? windows for garage/breezeway while on sale
23. Made Lola a dog bed for the breezeway & outside
24. figure out what chicken isn't laying
25. Get cable & outlets ran in the basement
26. Get water line ran for ice maker
27. Figure out what I have ingredients to make for crock pot meals

As you can see, the to-do list differs greatly from overall goals.  The to-do list should have items that relate to accomplishing your goals.

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