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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Personal Workout Space....

One of the biggest benefits of the Beachbody programs is they allow you to ditch your gym membership and, with it, its monthly fees, gross showers, and the time it takes to travel there. That said, shoving your coffee table off to the side and dealing with your teenager because your plyometrics workout caused her to miss Cupcake Wars can get a little old quickly. By creating a personal workout space in your house, you not only sidestep these issues, but you'll be more motivated to do your daily workout!  
For me, it creates my "me time" and give me a space to get away from the trials and tribulations of raising small children.  I LOVE my workout time; it's productive, relaxing, motivating and healthy.  I started with P90X...Love Tony.  Then moved to Turbo Fire...Chalene is SO motivating.  As soon as I master the Turbo Fire workouts, I have my sights set on Insanity.  Beachbody gives me the tools I need to create the body I want.  Just follow the workouts, follow the nutrition plan and stick with it.  Insanity could  be my next sanity.

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