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Friday, April 27, 2012


Summing it up from an article in Reader's Digest:
We all get that "gotta have it" feeling towards food; 97% of women and 68% of men in a study admit to having food cravings.  So, whether you crave sweets such as chocolate or a cheeseburger, you're in the club of cravers.  Cravings have been linked to a rush, biochemically speaking, like the feeling drug addicts get when drinking caffeine, smoking cigarettes, injecting heroin or snorting cocaine.  You may say, "that's like comparing apples to oranges comparing caffeine to heroine."  Maybe not according to a few university studies.  There's a new drug, Acomplia, currently awaiting FDA approval.

So,if this drug to stop cravings isn't available yet, how can I get rid of these cravings?   

Try these:
Avoid triggers: You crave what you eat, so switch what you're eating and weaken old cravings while strengthening new ones.
Destroy temptation: Don't keep the stuff you crave in the house and avoid the binge altogether.  If the chips or cookies aren't in the house, they can't end up on your hips.
Go nuts: I've said this one before, eat your nuts!  Drink two glasses of water followed by an ounce of nuts.  Within 20 minutes, it'll dampen your appetite by changing your body chemistry.
Jolt with java: Try a skim latte instead of a candy bar or cookie.  It'll save you calories and quench your appetite and the warm richness can distract you from the craving too!
Let it go: Stress is a HUGE trigger, so find other ways to relieve it; exercize, deep breathing, a walk, listen to music, relaxation techniques, get a new hair do.....the possibilities are endless!
Take a nap: Cravings can sneak up on you when you're tired.  Focus on fatigue, shut your eyes and re-energize.
Get Fesh: Brush your teeth, gargle with mouthwash and you won't want to mess it up or have those toothpaste mixed tastes.
Distract Yourself: Cravings typically last just 10 minutes, so divert your mind with something else.
Indulge: If nothing else works and your willpower is toast, it's ok once in a while, in moderation and small portion size.
Plan or Avoid: Vary your usual routine so you can avoid the temptation!

Start New Habits:
  • Schedule food, make time for meals and snacks and shop for the items you want to eat, not the foods you crave.
  • Make it fun and avoid stress.
  • Enjoy the outdoors
  • Bond with others; family and friends.
  • Take a break and limit tv and computer time.  It will help clear your mind, eleminate stress and promote active vs. sedentary times throughout the day.  
 Half a cup of light ice ream topped with berries has only 162 calories, try that on your craving!

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