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Sunday, April 29, 2012

What Doctors Say About Shakeology

I can't stress enough how amazing Shakeology is.  After watching this, I realized my heartburn has gotten exponentially better since starting Shakeology 2 weeks ago.  It's something I've been working on getting rid of by healing my stomach for close to a year.  After having my kids, my esophagus and stomach were scorched from stomach acid.  I did a course of 6-7 courses of Prevacid 8 weeks of Dexilant and didn't have the results I've had in two weeks with Shakeology.  I ate salsa for the first time in 3 years last night and had a glass of wine with no heartburn!  I'm not going to say it's a miracle cure, but I feel better in many ways.  And, Shakeology is a WHOLE LOT cheaper than Dexilant!  Give it a week, what do you have to loose?  Next on my list to enjoy....garlic!

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