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Friday, April 27, 2012

My Journey: Give A Little Umph

Two weeks ago tomorrow, I started P90X and Shakeology.  Yesterday I tried on a pair of old capris and they buttoned, they felt good and I was proud of myself.  It feels so great to loose the inches and the 6 lbs. As the fat melts off and the muscle builds underneath, sometimes it balances out.  But, as I've learned before, there comes a point when the scale starts to surprise you in a good way.  Don't worry too much about your weight if you're measurements tell a different tale.  If you're nutrition and fitness is getting better, you can't feel bad.  I don't!  Matter of fact, I feel great!  Stick with it, give it a little extra umph today, bust through the weekend with good workouts and you can get there.

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