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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Everything In Moderation

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When you add together effort and sweat your body will reward you with more of a solid body instead of a squishy one.  Diet alone will not take care of it, either will a workout alone.  After two pregnancies, I was plagued with a scorched esophagus.  I was sent to a specialist and his words ring in my head day after day, "Everything In Moderation."  We were talking about coffee and cigarette intake in regards to it's effects on my wonderful heartburn.  Six months later and a whole lot of medicine, I'm on my way to being healed, I think.  We'll see when I go off the meds again.  But, I drink 1-3 cups (usually 2) of half caffeinated coffee in the morning...everything in moderation, right?

I've taken "everything in moderation" to a whole new level.  It doesn't matter what you LOVE to eat, just make sure it's in moderation and you get the nutrients you need...through your diet and not your supplements.

Don't eat large meals, eat small ones.  Don't gorge yourself on pizza, have one slice. Don't drink soda all the time, use it as a reward.  I've heard it time after time, "Abs aren't made in the gym, they're made in the kitchen."  So, if you have that extra around the middle that just won't go away, take a look at your diet and exercise plan.  Keep a food and exercise journal.  If you can't figure it out, ask someone else to take a look!  I LOVE the 80/20 rule; keep your nutrition on point 80% of the time, the other 20% is your splurge.  Now, when I say "splurge" I don't mean an entire bag of potato chips or a quart of ice cream.  Remember on your splurges, everything in moderation.

Visit the nutritional needs calculator to make sure you're meeting your nutritional needs.  http://www.wholeliving.com/wellness-tools-nutritional-needs

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