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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

P90X: YogaX Day 4

I'm 4 days in and already I have results, -5 lbs.  Not too shabby!  I find it easiest to get my workout in first thing in the morning, however the last 2 days I've had to put it off until Dalton's naptime (about 9am).  I welcomed YogaX this morning with open arms and I really enjoyed it.  It's a whole lot of sun salutations, which I love.  I feel less sore today.  I'm motivated to push on in the program.  Yesterday I wasn't so open minded, but the money well spent was hanging on in the back of my brain telling me I'd better see this one through.  I decided not to post yesterday because I didn't have much that was positive to say!

I'm finding it hard to eat the recommended caloric intake in the nutritional guide.  I'm full all day long and drink lots of water.  Yesterday I skipped a snack and was STARVING by supper.  So, I scarfed down a salad and settled into some water.  I did eat two bananas before bed, mainly because my legs have been cramping at night since starting P90X.

I'm loving the Shakeology for Breakfast, although you can substitute it for any meal. I find the chocolate a little rich for me, so adding coffee to it makes it PERFECT!  Now, I don't do a full scoop per cup by any means.  I've been doing 16 oz coffee, 1/2 scoop of Shakeology Chocolate and adding a Tbsp of PeanutButter to mix things up a little.  I drink 2 cups, and I have my Shakeology in!  One day on my second cup I blended in a cup of ice, yum!  Yes, you need to blend it in the blender or it will be kind gritty and you may feel the need to chew it.

Blenders:  If you don't have a blender, I suggest the Magic Bullet or the Ninja.  I used to have a Magic Bullet, it lasted 5 years, it broke and I got the Ninja.  Now, the Ninja isn't as convenient and handy, but I do like it!  So, if you're not going to see yourself using the Ninja much or you're single or you may be having a baby soon, I highly suggest the Magic Bullet!  My Magic Bullet went through heavy use!  It lasted 5 years of hard use from margaritas and soups to baby food and smoothies.  LOTS of ice went through that baby!  I'm done making baby food, so I figured it's time for the Ninja and I like it.  I don't like that stuff sometimes gets stuck in the corners, but overall it's great.  It has 2 blender sizes and is great for margaritas!

Overall, I feel great and accomplished for taking this on and challenging myself for the first time in years on something that's all about me.

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