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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Yard Work Workout

I decided to skip P90X yesterday.  I got up, had my Shakeology and got to work.  I got all but 2 loads of laundry done, the floors and countertops cleaned and the dishes done.  That's a hell of a productive day with a 3 and 1 year old in the house.  Royce mowed the yard while I was busy in the house feeding the kiddos and such.  So, after naptime for Dalton and a whole lot of folding laundry while watching Along Came Polly for me, we took to the outdoors.  It was more of a workout doing yard work than it would have been had I done P90X.   I was carrying edging and bags of mulch up and down the yard, digging, mulching, hoeing, raking, planting and tilling all while chasing two boys around the yard to explain "you can't do that!" and "you can't digest rocks." and "if you play in the road it will be no more you.".  Today I'm pretty sore and thinking I should have just stayed inside and done P90X.  But, hey, my yard is looking better and so am I!

Thank goodness for Micky Mouse on Disney and my Shakeology this morning.  It was my only motivation to get out of bed after eating spaghetti last night.  Something didn't settle well (probably the garlic bread) and I was up with heartburn.  I thought those days were going to be over with childbirth.  Well, silly me.  Guess not!

If you don't have a yard to get your workout on in, you can borrow mine.  I have lots that needs done.  Lots of beds to put edging around and lots of trees, shrubs and flowers to plant, a garden that needs tilled and kids that need chased while doing it.  So, if you're in need, I'm your girl!  And, I promise you'll feel it in the morning.

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