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Friday, April 27, 2012

Fridge Challenge

This weekend I challenge you to a fridge makeover.  Who doesn't need to clean their fridge anyway?!  Mine is getting a clean, green, fresh look by Monday.  E-mail me your before and afters to cassjo2@hotmail.com with Fridge Makeover in the subject line.  Lets see who can have the best fridge makeover this weekend!  Get rid of the crap and fill it with fresh!  And, if you don't get to it this weekend, still e-mail me your pictures when you do get around to it!  I LOVE to see a transformation, even if it is just as simple as cleaning out the fridge.  You have to start somewhere and for some people, that's the best place to start!

My Fridge: Pre-Makeover

 My Fridge: Post Make-Over
I'm proud of this

I can find stuff in the deli tray, other than Reese's!
Nothin' but FRESH!

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