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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's It All About?

Being fit isn't about being skinny or looking good.  It's not about meeting expectations or fitting an image.  It is about loving yourself and being healthy.  Work on finding new ways to love yourself every day.  And, find new ways to be healthy every day. 

Being healthy is a 2-part system formed from fitness and nutrition.  If you have one part and the other sucks, you'll just end up falling short on your overall fitness goals.  So, if you're in a rut or hit your plateau, take a look at both independently and you'll more likely find a solution to your problem.  If you don't, have someone else take a look.  Keep a fitness and nutrition journal with everything you eat (even the ding dong) and everything you do (even yard work).  It'll paint a better picture of the person you are and you're overall health and being.

Fitness friends can be key to keeping motivated.  Meeting new people is always fun, so branch out!  Let people know you're into being fit and you have goals and good nutrition is important to you.  Things will fall into place and it's always fun to have someone new to work out with, even if it's taking a long evening walk.  You wouldn't hesitate to make a date for a few drinks, would you?  Why not a couple of miles instead?  You'll save empty calories and spend a few extra!  And, you can pass fitness tips back and forth while you do. 

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